Homemade Ice Lollies

Its that time of year again, the sun has decided to peek through and England has its few days of summer. With the weather hitting a shocking 25 degrees I decided it was ice lolly time. Sadly, by the time they had set (the next day) the sun had gone, but they made a great treat anyways. I really enjoyed making these, partly perhaps, as they were so easy to make. It only took ten minutes, if that, and minimal ingredients. They are also very customisable, so if you don’t like the fruit I’ve used just substitute in your own. This makes them great for people like me on rather restrictive diets, if theres something you cannot eat you can simply swap it out or just leave it out.

I went with my favourite fruits, strawberries and raspberries but they would work equally well with a variety of other fruits such as oranges or kiwis. However, using these would take longer as they need to be peeled or de-skinned. They are also super healthy, being just coconut yoghurt, water, maple syrup and fruit, much better for you then processed lollies with additives.

lollies mix close

I made two different types of lolly here, one with yoghurt and one without to experiment, but both turned out really well. The yoghurt one was richer and more ice cream like. I used coconut flavoured soya yoghurt as it is much cheaper than coconut yoghurt but still gives some of the flavour. Of course if you can tolerate lactose you can use normal greek yoghurt but I personally like the fruity flavour of coconut – it also makes it vegan if you follow a vegan diet.

yoghurt lolly close.jpg
Yoghurt and Fruit Lolly

A quick tip, if you’re having trouble removing them from the mould once they have set, leave them out for ten minutes and try again. You can also lightly and quickly run them under warm water to loosen them, but make sure to only hold them under a for a few seconds or they may melt too much.

Yoghurt and Fruit Lolly – Ingredients (makes 4)

200g Coconut Flavoured Soya Yoghurt

65g Raspberries

2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup

2 Strawberries cut into slices


yog lollies progress.jpg

Yoghurt lollies ready for the freezer


  1. Place the raspberries, half the yoghurt and a tablespoon of maple syrup in an emulsion blender, or any sort of blender. Combining them together.
  2. In a bowl mix the rest of the yoghurt with the remaining maple syrup.
  3. Put a couple of strawberry slices in the lolly moulds and fill them a third full with the yoghurt and raspberry mixture. Top up to two thirds with the plain yoghurt mixture. Fill it to the top with the raspberry and yoghurt mix. You can play around with the quantities and combinations of the yoghurt mixtures.
  4. Freeze over night or for a minimum of 6 hours making sure they are solid before removing. Also ensure they are kept upright to prevent spills.



fruit lolly done.jpg
Fruit lollies on the left

Fruit Lollies – Ingredients (Makes 4)

200ml Cold Water

65g raspberries

50g Strawberries and two more cut into slices

Tablespoon of Freeze Dried Strawberries to top


red lolly progress.jpg
Fruit lollies ready for the freezer


  1. Blend the raspberries, strawberries and water together.
  2. Place the strawberry slices in the moulds.
  3. Pour the water mixture into the mould and sprinkle on some freeze dried strawberries. Place the stick top on.
  4. Making sure they are upright, place the full mould in the freezer for a minimum of  5 hours but preferably over night.



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