Breakfast Bowl Smoothie

The hardest meal to do low fodmap definitely has to be breakfast. No wheat cuts out alot of options for a quick breakfast. Most cereals contain some kind of wheat and I’m not a fan of porridge (especially without honey!) so I’m always keen to find alternatives. A trend I have been noticing on instagram recently are these breakfast bowls, so after a bit of scanning of my favourite pages for inspiration I thought I’d try my own. Quite a few use honey, but I’ve substituted golden syrup instead and lacto-free milk as always.


Now because of my lack of enthusiasm for porridge I was worried that putting oats in a smoothie wouldn’t be for me. However, this was actually incredibly tasty and definitely something I’ll be making again and again! My other concern was cost, lots of fruit whilst good for you, doesn’t come cheap. Thats why I opted for frozen berries, much cheaper than their fresh counterparts and it means I’ll never be caught without when the smoothie craving hits. 

If you’re tight on time in the mornings, like me I’d recommend whipping up a big batch of this the night before and leaving it in the fridge for when you need it. Although, it is quite a simple and quick recipe anyway – especially if you don’t keep stopping to take pictures like me!

20160203_163226Ingredients (makes 2 large smoothies) 

2 Bananas

2 Teaspoons of Golden Syrup

150ml Lacto-free Skimmed Milk

75g Raspberries (frozen or fresh)

30g Oats (I used just porridge oats)




  1. Simply put all the ingredients in a food processor or hand blender and mix until smooth and all are combined together. Don’t worry about getting the oats really tiny, they create a nice texture if left to an extent.  
  2. Add more golden syrup to taste if preferred.

Enjoy in either a glass as a smoothie or a bowl with some extra toppings. I’d recommend increasing the amount of oats if you opt for the bowl. It’ll also make a more filling breakfast that way.




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